Awards for best looking blogs

Blogs reflects one’s true personality, all on a single webpage. Many of us can discover just what a person likes and dislike their mood and general interests from their own blog. They come is all sorts of fashions, vary in content, subject and style.

We have searched high and low for the best looking blogs on the web, those which many aspire to eventually become.

Keeping a blog up-to-date with a fresh feel to it takes a lot of hard work and dedication; it isn’t always as simple as some may suggest. Getting the right look takes a lot of perfection and adjustments; however once you reach the perfect look you will be entirely happy with the end result. Each site has been recognised for its visual perfection and should be applauded for its visual beauty. Whether the sites are simply for fun, or built to become an income earner there is one thing they all have in common, they all look fantastic.

Dummy Essentials

Excellent for all of your computer needs. Not everyone is a complete wiz on the computer and, whether some may admit it or not, require that little bit of help. Dummy Essential meets all of those needs, whilst keeping a user friendly, luxury theme. Beautifully laid out to impress even those who have a high standard.

The Big Noob

Three men, one mission: to create a truly wonderful website for all of their dedicated readers. Blissfully laid out to relax any muddled mind, the sinserity and sheer brilliance of the site is instantly noticeable upon the first click.

Emotions by Mike

Being a graphic designer, Mike has successfully let his imagination run free, creating a memorable site guarenteed to impress all. Gone is all of the scrolling, and replaced by simplicity which works wonders for the site.

Freelance Switch

If you are a freelancer, then you would have likely heard of this site. If not then let us introduce the site to you: Freelance Switch is the ultimate site for freelancers in many fields. Gone is all of the clutter, replaced with cleverly sectioned off information for all to enjo

I love Colours

If colour is what you like, then it is colour that you are getting. I love colors explores the world of typology, art work and design on the world wide web. Oozing style and sophistication, this site is one you may not want to ignore.

Agami Creative

A great mixture of religion and a blog, Agami incorporates all that is sacred and entwines them into a blog. You can instantly witness the sincerity of the site once you first access it, and realise that indeed the site is intended for all who wish to acheive a change

Mike Matas!g9/1gP7/photos/golden_gate_bridge

Whoever thought construction would become a masterpiece online as well as in reality? Mike Matas reaches out to many on a level unlike many, through the use of pictures. In this case, a picture tells a great deal more than just a thousand words.

Duirwaigh Studios

Creativity is the key here, something you are bound to notice once you first discover the site. Aimed at those who have a passion and dare to dream, this is aimed at you. Or if you would like to marvel at its beauty, then it is worth a hit.

Go Glamping

Since when does camping mean living in squalor for a week? If it ever did, it doesn't any more with Go Glamping, otherwise known as camping in glamorous style. Just by looking at the site, you get a taster for what Glamping really means, the layout is impressive - check it out if you don't believe us.


Specialising in low budget sites and content management, doesn't mean that the site has to look low budget, in fact far from it. Zinaz grabs the attention of anyone who accesses the site, and keeps them gripped, whether they can speak Dutch or not.