Content Promotion Ensuring your content is seen

Great content adds great value to a site, but only if people know it exists - sadly, the best article in the world is a waste of virtual paper without the readers it deserves.

Be it an article, infographic, report, linkbait or anything else which would appeal to your target demographic, the most effective way to increase its exposure is through email marketing and blogger reachout. What follows is increased traffic to your site, online PR and viral seeding. Additionally, email outreach brings direct SEO benefit as it is the most powerful way of getting high quality backlinks from authority sites.

Of course, this is only true when the campaign is well-executed. This is not as simple as emailing as many contacts as you can find - as such, we utilise a number of unparalleled methods in our campaigns:

  • Hand-chosen contacts. Not only do we manually gather a high volume of sites for the promotion, but we also make sure they are of great quality and have a keen interest in the subject matter promoted.
  • Individually crafted emails. While we have honed our approach over hundreds of successful campaigns, we also implement a degree of personalisation. Breaking out of the 'format email' approach increases the chances of your content of going viral and being featured on top sites.
  • Professional responses. Unlike most services, we don't stop at the initial outreach. Each and every response received is followed up by our own professional copywriter, who knows exactly how to build relationships with targeted sites for maximum results.

Prices start from $2 per email, 250 emails minimum. This includes research, personalised emailing and replying to all responses in order to achieve objectives.