Viral Marketing Fast & Effective

This form of marketing or advertising generally tends to utilise social networks to quite a large extent, with regards to producing brand awareness, promoting a website or idea, or any number of marketing objectives. The idea behind it is that the marketing is self-replicating and spreads in a fashion similar to how a virus spreads, from person-to-person. Viral marketing can be spread by word-of-mouth or throughout the Internet, which is usually the more prominent and faster travelling method.

Items being promoted by a viral means might include:

  • Games (which are usually made in Flash).
  • Informative, humorous, or otherwise entertaining articles.
  • Blog posts or comments which are deemed to be highly controversial or a central talking-point for a popular topic.
  • Video clips.
  • Images.
  • Brandable software or embedded tool links.

Viral marketing works on the principle that people will inform others of something they find amusing, interesting, or otherwise worthwhile of their time and then those people generally tend to tell other people and so on. The purpose of viral marketing is to attract a large amount of awareness to your website/business/brand and this awareness will turn into traffic and positive business for your site. The team at Warlock Media can produce elaborate viral marketing campaigns that are certain to not only increase the traffic to your website, but also increase its rate of growth and the revenue it generates.

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