Content Writing Premium SEO Copy

Our website copy AKA SEO content is strategically written to appeal to the search engines algorithms, we map out the keywords that are to be targeted and the semantically connecting words; we do this to ensure that any pages we write perform well on Google and other search engines and attract the maximum traffic possible without needing to do any further optimisation.

Research Articles

Writing content intended for a specific niche is difficult. Writing convincing content for a niche which has a rabid fan following is even harder. Having to come up with a solid gold article on a topic such as cricket - with no prior knowledge - really separates the average copywriters from the real pros. Our team deliver articles daily that get published on dozens of niche sites covering everything from hardcore finance topics to fashion and travel.

Content Strategy

As a further service we offer 'content strategy' which is included in the price of 4p per word. This includes us analysing which keywords should be used, as well as optimum page-lengths and where the weak points are in existing copy within a website. This is a non-charging and complimentary service as part of what we provide when content is ordered from us.

Our Writing Team

All our writers are either professional journalists or authors and have been tested to extremely high standards and are continually scored and monitored with each piece of work they produce. All our work is run through copyscape as a final check to ensure that the copy is free from duplication.

If pictures are required, we can also include up to two 'creative commons' pictures with each article, this service is also complimentary.