Marathon run of Guitar Hero


Zeke Iddon, an eccentric from the UK, attempted a marathon run on Guitar Hero for a Guinness World Record. This is how he got on. The world record was for the longest ever continuous play by a single participant, a new title for which Guinness set a minimum time of 24 hours. A team from Finland gained the similar record for a full band, managing 24 hours and two minutes in 2009 - Zeke managed to trump this time to gain the single player title, and took half as many breaks. While battling repetitive strain injury, sleep deprivation, bladder issues and motion sickness, the main world record attempt rules (as set out by Guinness) were:

  • Any Guitar Hero instrument could be used. However, at no point did Zeke solely use the microphone, as it was unofficially deemed to be too passive for the attempt.
  • Ten minute breaks were permitted per hour. Breaks could be banked. In his own words, Zeke described the rules as "not hardcore enough", and went on to only take a few minutes of rest time every two hours.
  • Any difficulty mode, besides beginner, could be used. Zeke performed most of the attempt on expert mode, only dropping to hard when his wrist was giving out. His feelings on the official rules were the same as above.
  • Other than for breaks, play must not stop for longer than twenty seconds. This included menu screens, but excluded loading time.
  • Only one game from the series could be used for the duration. They used Guitar Hero 5 to take advantage of the continuous random song mode.

After 24 hours and 8 minutes of play, the record drew to a close at 10:09 on 27th June 2010.

All proceeds and donations went to the National Spinal Injuries Centre. The rights to the film were bought by Warlock Media, an SEO Company based in the UK.