Hire a Hacker data acquisition, covert intelligence and surveilance

PLEASE NOTE we only use legal methods and sources. We do not carry out or condone illegal activity.

You'd be surprised at how much information can be gathered on someone from the public domain. Much of it, however, is incredibly difficult to find so we use advanced techniques to gather useful information about an individual or company which would otherwise remain hidden.

The difference between legal and illegal hacking

Whilst it is illegal to break into places which are restricted from public access, it is not illegal to look at information which people think is hidden but is not. Imagine you want some information locked in a house, kept out of view - in such a case we would not be able to help. However, if the information was in the same house but stuck to the inside of a window, you can legally stand in the street opposite and view the information without breaking the law. Continuing the analogy further, We know exactly where to stand in order to get an unobstructed view of such information.

Prices start at £5,000 (approximately $8,120).