Native Advertising targeted and relevant

Native advertising is for many a far more palatable way of online advertising. Not only is the advert in question more targeted and relevant to the consumer but it is also much likelier to be an effective advertising message to an audience that is more receptive.

A native advert is designed to engage with the consumer directly yet comfortably. Adverts are engaging and specific and add value by being aligned with existing high quality content, which is appealing to an individual. Photo streams, web films, sponsored stories, interactive graphics, sponsored by features and promoted tweets are examples of native advertising. This is different to more overt online advertising campaigns which users can find invasive and unappealing which ultimately puts the brands in question at risk of being ignored or worse still purposely avoided for their aggressive internet marketing techniques.

In the same way an advertorial in print media contains natural copy and imagery, which finds resonance with a potential customer, a native advert performs much the same role. It flows with online content and causes little interruption to any particular online encounter – in fact if done correctly it both enhances and complements a user experience.

Native advertising has great potential for online advertising portfolios. Whilst certainly more creativity is needed to co-ordinate content fit for purpose, the return on investment is anticipated to be much higher in terms of profitability and results for businesses choosing to pursue this path.