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Email Marketing Design

Warlock Media also offers its own range of email-related design services, tailored specifically for the individual needs of the client. Ranging from traditional email marketing, to banner design, to HTML email design, we put the best programmers and designers onto a job in order to get the best results. Warlock Media is about making YOU look good for your customers and user-base.

Our task is to provide you with the best in terms of email and banner design. Our HTML emails are designed exactly to your specification, building the most pixel-perfect email document that suits your needs right to the core. With our design behind your email, you'll receive the a welcome boost to the rewards garnered by your marketing strategies, which we can also help with, as Warlock Media provides bespoke email marketing campaigns to go along with the HTML emails that we design for you.

HTML Email Design

Our design team can also craft some advertising banners for you as they work on the HTML side of things. The banners can then be used as standard advertising wherever you choose to place them on the internet, or - if you prefer - can be included and sent out with the HTML emails themselves.

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