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Pay Per Click Management

Why You Need Pay Per Click Services

Warlock Media is a high-level specialist company dealing with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management. Our Google PPC management team specialise in competitive areas where it's traditionally been proven to be somewhat difficult to advertise on the search engines profitably.

Warlock Media - being an expert PPC agency - can guide and implement entire PPC campaigns from the initial concept right through to consistent monthly profits. Our services include:

Traditional Management Costs

  • A monthly fixed-rate of 12.5% of account turnover, plus account setup fee.

Free Pay-Per-Click Management

  • A free no-cost monthly management fee where we take on established PPC campaign accounts that are underperforming and take our fees from the savings that we generate. Typically, we would take 80% of the savings as our fees and then pass back the remaining 20% to the client. This ensures that the client it 20% better off per month straightaway, with an account that's performing far better than previously and the continuous optimisation of the account is effectively free.

Specialist Services:

  • Conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Working with problematic accounts, accounts that have been unfairly penalised, or accounts that have quality score (QS) issues.
  • Management of very large spend accounts (20,000+ a month).

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