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Why Have Hosting?

Hosting is a viable solution to alternative ways of managing IT systems and computer-related needs such as either outsourcing entirely or doing it yourself, both of which can be time-consuming, difficult and not to mention expensive. Hosting is a wise choice because it has lower overheads and costs than any other method of IT management, for example, it lacks the high start-up costs if you were to do it yourself, as well as allow the client to have a greater deal of control/management when it comes to the hosted material than if it were to be outsourced.

All the troubles and responsibility of hosting data is taken up by the hosting provider, in this case Warlock Media. We'll already have all of the necessary tools at our disposal and they'll be provided for your use at no extra cost, making the transition from your current IT management setup all the more easier. Because all of the equipment is on-hand and the staff are experienced, any issues that arise are resolved as quickly as possible. Choosing a hosting company such as ourselves will save not only time and money, but will also reduce any inherent risks usually associated with outsourcing or doing it yourself; whilst at the same time providing a flexible and scalable solution, allowing you to grow your hosting package or service as your own business grows.

What is Warlock Media Hosting?

At Warlock Media, we understand the importance of ongoing business, which is why we strive so hard to provide a powerful and flexible hosting service to work alongside our own technology. You can rest assured with the fact that if your website is there for business, then that is what it will excel at and for the duration of your hosting period, guaranteed.

Should a technical problem of any nature suddenly arise, then you can be sure that our customer support team will be on hand, dealing with the issue as it comes about, as they are available any time of day, working hard to make sure that your business remains unhindered by any error.

Every hosting package from us comes with the same high level of customer service as a guarantee, coupled with a clear outline of any penalties that we will incur should our performance be less than satisfactory.

As a company with a diverse customer base, you can be sure that we are fully prepared and able to offer a wide variety of different hosting solutions, which each solution being tailored to the individual needs of any particular client. Our shared hosting option has proven to consistently be the most popular choice of hosting package, with the majority of our customers opting for this particular blend of both high performance and value.

Due to the fact that our server administration is handled by trained experts here at Warlock Media, this means that website and hosting downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum, which is one of the chief reasons why our shared hosting package is perfect for those that rank a high degree of availability as being amongst the most important things a hosting package can offer. Our technicians monitor and administrate the servers in a completely secure and hazard-free environment, with the latest in safety measures and an uninterrupted power supply, ensuring that your website is online when you need it to be.


In this day and age, data is under constant threat from security-related issues such as viruses, crashes, worms, malicious attacks against networks and even natural disasters or other forms of sabotage and vandalism. The aforementioned security threats are the reasons why Warlock Media goes to extra lengths to ensure the security of any data managed under our hosting program, protecting data with the most efficient and up-to-date tools, techniques and protocols that the industry has to offer.

Hosting Support

Support for our hosting is as high-level as the hosting itself, with constant, expert support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The support itself consists of industry professionals with many years in the field of technical support, divided into teams and with each team working to the best of their ability, working to establish the fastest way to resolve any and all technical problems encountered.

Warlock Media is able to answer any and all enquiries relating to any of the hosting services we provide and are always just a phone call away.

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