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Link Baiting

So what is linkbaiting?

Linkbaiting is an essential tool in improving a site's search engine rankings and consists of various techniques which aim to attract links from various relevant websites on the internet. There are various methods to linkbaiting effectively, which might include:

  • Competitions/Awards.
  • Embedded tool links.
  • Informative and entertaining articles.
  • Highly controversial comments/blog posts.

So what can you expect to achieve?

In the short term, linkbaiting will attract both primary and secondary visitors, with the former linking directly to the linkbait (on their own websites/blogs/forums) and the latter finding it via those links from primary visitors.

If your site is commercial, this will also bring an increase in revenue generated. In the long term though, it is the page rank that matters. The more sites that link to you, the more important your site is considered to be and the higher it will ranked, especially if those links are strictly one-way (the type of links that linkbaiting achieves).

If you are looking to increase the traffic to your website, the rate of growth and the revenue it generates, linkbaiting is an important component of any strategy. We have experienced linkbaiters on our team that will be able to create content in order to build the links you need to experience growth, traffic and improved search rankings.

Our team can launch articles and linkbait which have proven to have generated over 15,000 inbound links and around 500,000 visitors. So with Warlock Media, you know you'll be using experienced and talented professionals.

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