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Website Testing

Make sure that your website is up to par and has a high usability rate by opting to undergo our extensive user-centric website testing service. As they say, you do not get another chance for a first impression and if your site doesn't work in some regard and fails to make an impression on a first-time visitor, then they WILL go elsewhere and you will lose a customer and business as a result. So make sure you website is fulfilling its potential and is working as intended.

If you submit your website for Warlock Media's rigorous testing, we will test against a number of factors known to improve the way a website functions, as well as its propensity to receive visitors and grow efficiently. We will test for things such as whether or not your site works on all browsers, as well as on different platforms such as PCs or Macs. If your site has been produced in different languages, we can also test for user compatibility in this regard. If your site has a variety of features such as parts in Flash, Java, or other related programs, we can test these aspects as well. We can also test to see if your site is compliant with the guidelines with regards to disabled users, as well as a whole host of other variables. With Warlock Media, you know that your website is going to undergo a thorough testing.

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